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History of AUMC

May 24 1991

It was a dark and stormy night when ten adults, two children and two youth gathered in the parlor of Walnut Hill United Methodist Church to meet the soon-to-be appointed founding pastor, Dr. Richard Walter Jenkins Jr. They gathered to begin to capture what would become a "kaleidoscope of dreams" and "a gateway to new beginnings."
  • "A Kaleidoscope of Dreams." They wanted to be a congregation that would attract a variety of persons who, through their rich and dynamic diversity, would come together in a wonderful mix of creative ministry for Jesus Christ.
  • Another important vision for this church was to become a Gateway to new beginnings.
Dr.Jenkins became so excited in sharing his vision and dream for this church that he turned over the communion elements. His wife, Barbara, said "Don't stop now, you're doing good." She ran to the kitchen, got paper towels and she and Jessie Davis began to clean the carpet, all the while saying, 'Just keep on. You're doing good, everybody's fine."
From that night, a Steering Committee was formed, including the following persons:
  • Dan Anderson and Sheila Stevens
  • Lori McKay
  • Stan and Jessie Davis
  • Tom and Marilyn Parsons
  • Jim Evans
  • Jim Pipkin
  • Barbara B. Jenkins
  • Jeff and Carol Reid
  • Julayne McClain
The decision was made to have an opening worship service in E.L. Kent Elementary School on Sunday, October 20, 1991. Approximately 175 persons attended, and 67 united with the congregation on that day.
It is appropriate that Aldersgate was founded on the 253rd anniversary of John Wesley's Aldersgate experience as recorded in his Journal of 1738. It is even more fitting that Aldersgate should charter on the 254th anniversary of Wesley's Aldersgate experience. Rev. Wesley would be pleased to know that hearts are still being warmed by the grace of God through a new United Methodist Church.

October 1991

Aldersgate began holding services at E.L. Kent Elementary School in Carrollton, TX
May 1992

Aldersgate consecrated as a new congregation of the United Methodist Church on May 24, 1992 with 204 members.
June 1994
Dr. Victor Casad appointed pastor.
March 1996

Aldersgate held its first worship service in its new building on Old Denton Road.
June 2002
Rev. Woody Weilage appointed pastor.
~ 2005
Aldersgate sells Old Denton Rd. building to Sarang Mission Church
Fall 2007
Construction began on new church building
October 5 2008
New building dedicated.
July 2011
Rev. Lyle C. Benson appointed as pastor.
Education Wing Built
July 2018 Rev. Rodney Whitfield appointed as pastor.