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Giving Garden
After Aldersgate United Methodist Church relocated to its new property, then pastor Rev. Woody Weilage
Read more about the Giving Garden in the NeighborsGo section of the Dallas Morning news, 3/21/14
communicated a vision for a community garden on the property in one of his Sunday morning messages in 2009.  The idea was embraced by several church members, who formed a seed committee to further develop the concept.  The committee soon learned that it shared objectives with Keep Carrollton Beautiful, and merged its efforts with this nonprofit group. The garden was built in the spring of 2010 and each year our harvest is larger than the previous year.  As a community garden, we share half of our harvest with those in need in our community.

The Giving Garden Breaks Record! 

The Giving Garden, Carrollton’s first community garden, is proud to announce that it broke the 3,200 lb. milestone in donations for 2017!  This has been our best growing year EVER and there’s still another month left!  Since January, we have donated more than A TON AND A HALF of organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs to Christian Community Action and AUMC Food Share so that everyone in our community may enjoy good nutrition.  A big “Thank You” to our gardeners, volunteers, and everyone who has helped to support the garden this year! 
For more information about the garden, visit:  www.givinggardenofcarrollton.org

Want to Garden in 2018?

The Giving Garden, Carrollton’s first community garden, donated 3,200 lbs. of fresh, organic produce to help those in need in our community in 2017!  Not only does the garden help others, but we make friends, enjoy our own harvests, laugh, learn about gardening, and get plenty of exercise.  We are accepting applications for garden bed rentals in 2018!  Even if you know nothing about growing produce in Texas, we can teach you.  For more information, check out our website at www.givinggardenofcarrollton.org or email us at contact@givinggardenofcarrollton.org


Statement of support from Carrollton's new mayor, Kevin Falconer:

April 22, 2017 - The Community Gardens of Carrollton are prime examples of the strength of our community and the caring nature of our residents.   These gardens have become centers of community involvement, community support and community interaction.  It’s difficult to find other perpetual projects or organizations that integrate so many groups and people while meeting so many needs.  The Community Gardens are truly fulfilling their mission of engaging citizens to grow community, food and service.  The facts speak for themselves: over 10,000 pounds of donated produce, Girl Scout and Boy Scout involvement, local high schools involvement, donations to Christian Community Action and Aldersgate UMC Food Share, family engagement and people working together and alongside one another for a common purpose.  The gardens themselves are certainly impressive, but the passion of those who work together in the gardens is equally impressive.  They have truly made these gardens special, and I’m proud that we have the Community Gardens in our great city of Carrollton and I’m excited to help sustain the gardens and foster other similar projects in our city.






If you would like to help out the garden without actually gardening, you can donate financially.  The Giving Garden
donations should be sent to:

Community Gardens Of Carrollton 
Giving Garden in notation line
PO Box 111175
Carrollton, TX

Or, just write a check to "AUMC", note "The Giving Garden" in the memo, and drop in the offering plate on Sundays. 

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