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God in the Mundane
One of my devotionals this week centered on Jesus first miracle in the book of John (John 2:1-11). You remember it right? Jesus is attending a wedding where more guest show up than the family had planned on and they ran out of wine. And Jesus mom steps in to ask Jesus to help the family out. He was asked to turn water into wine.
Of all the things Jesus did in his ministry. Extraordinary things like raising someone from the dead, or walking on water or feeding 5000 people with two loaves of bread and two fish.
Why water into wine?
It is a miracle, but turning water into wine doesn't bring anyone back to life or free social outcast by healing a skin disease. But it does remind us that God is interested not only in life and death issues, but that Jesus was interested in the regular parts of our daily lives.
I love this quote: "A relationship with a God who was interested only in the big issues of life would be no more personal than a relationship with the 911 operator. But our infinite, almighty God chooses to relate to us on a more intimate level - not only on the mountaintops but in the dining rooms of our lives."   James N. Watkins
Where have you seen God this week?
This Sunday we continue our At the Movies series. I hope you will join us and if you have time watch the 1998 hit, The Truman Show and join us for worship.
Rodney Whitfield
Senior Pastor  

Meetings / Ministries / Missions

Shoes for Orphan Souls Donations and Workday
We continue to collect NEW shoes in all sizes for our shoe drive for Shoes for Orphan Souls. Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls is  the largest humanitarian aid project of Buckner International and provides new shoes and socks to orphans and vulnerable children in the United States and throughout the world.When you donate new shoes through Buckner, they will be received by one of the world's most vulnerable children. And while Shoes for Orphan Souls serves children all over the world, 30 percent of our shoes stay in the United States, offering hope to children in communities just like yours. Since 1999, Buckner has distributed more than 3 million pairs of new shoes and socks to children in 82 countries.Our shoe drive will run thru August 11th when we will dedicate the shoes for Back to School Sunday. We will be delivering the shoes to Buckner on Saturday, August 24th and will work in the warehouse that day from 1-3pm. Anyone can volunteer to help, adults and children(children have to have a parent present). We have room for 50 volunteers. This is a great opportunity for families to experience mission work together. A sign- up sheet will be in the narthex starting July 14th. To learn more about Shoes for Orphan Souls, check out the website at www.buckner.org/shoes.  
Aldersgate Kids Having a Blast at Bridgeport Summer Camp! 

Pictured are 
Justice Whitfield, Grace Whitfield, Abby Logan, Sienna Peterson, Maddy Logan
Please keep our 3rd-5th graders in your thoughts and prayers this week as they are enjoy  fun and fellowship at Bridgeport Summer Camp. A big Thank You goes out to Emily Godwin, Caitlynn Godwin, and Beth Christiansen for serving as counselors for the week.

Contact Cindy Carlisle with questions,  cindy.carlisle1@verizon.net



The Giving Garden
Our giving for 2019 now exceeds 1,550 lbs. Take a stroll through the garden in the morning or evening hours and watch us grow.
Food Share
Food Share is a ministry that delivers groceries to senior citizens in need who live in our community. We are also in need of cans or jars of: jelly, mixed veggies, corn, tomato sauce, beans, fruit, and peanut butter. Your continued support is always appreciated. Our next Food Share delivery will be Saturday, July 27th, 8:30am in the narthex.
What is Open Arms?
Open Arms provides a Saturday afternoon of care and fun for adults with special needs and a time of respite for their caregivers once a month. If you would like more information on becoming a participant or helping out with this ministry, check out our Open Arms page on the AUMC website or contact Gail Darden 
(gail_darden@verizon.net) or Barbara Townley-Cochran (be.tc@verizon.net).
Honey Dudes
Honey Dudes is a service that helps senior citizens, widows, singles, the unwell, and military spouses of deployed soldiers with help around the house such as repairs or chores. If you would like to join this great dude group and help others or if you have a request for a Dude, email honeydudes@aumchurch.org or contact Bart Mahnken.

For questions please contact Jeff Baker at jeff@bakerjk.com 


Contact: Cindy Branson

Please contact Bart Mahnken @ bart@mahnkeninsurance.com if you have any questions.
Please Contact Blanche Farnam at blfarnam4@gmail.com for questions.
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Rev. Rodney Whitfield

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