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It’s been only 40 days since we started the build, and we already have a foundation and a slab!  We’ve been fortunate that weather has been good for work, and we remain on schedule for completion in the September timeframe.
In addition to the foundation/slab, ground work has been completed on drainage routing, initial plumbing, and electrical connections.  Steel framing has been ordered, and we also have been able to improve our property by using excess dirt to level the unimproved ground behind the new Wing, which has been prone to drainage issues in the past.
The Building Committee will be providing these updates every 4-6 weeks to everyone, both here on our website as well as emails to members on our email list.  Each update will contain information that helps explain what we are doing to make sure our building meets Aldersgate’s needs:  this month, we are explaining our Inspection and Review process, which is intended to ensure that the building is constructed to meet/exceed architectural design specifications, meet or exceed City of Carrollton Building Code requirements, and verify the accuracy and validity of payments for work performed.

Construction Inspection and Materials Testing
For the new Wing, we have in place 3 separate, independent levels of inspection and testing:  First, our architect, The Wright Group of Carrollton, conducts ongoing architectural and design inspections to ensure that the building is constructed according to their approved plans.   Secondly, the City of Carrollton conducts inspections to ensure that the building and its support systems (drainage/sewer, water, electrical) are being constructed in accordance with City Building Codes and requirements.  Finally, Aldersgate has contracted with an Inspection/Materials Testing vendor to inspect key aspects of the construction, with reports as to its work provided to us along the way.  Our vendor has performed the following:
A GeoTechnical Survey, testing our surface and sub-surface ground to ensure its stability to support the weight of the new Wing without damage to the Wing given ground shifting;
Pier Inspections and Pier Concrete Compression Tests, ensuring that the foundation piers were drilled effectively to support the building, and that the pier concrete is curing properly and able to support the building without pier damage; and
Rebar Testing, ensuring that the steel rebar used to reinforce the foundation piers, beams and slab is of sufficient amount and is sufficiently placed to reinforce.

As of today, the Wing has passed all inspections and tests with flying colors!

Billing Review and Approval
As with our Construction inspections, we also have put in place a process to ensure that Aldersgate’s funds for the new Wing are properly spent for actual work performed.
Each week, our contractor, Hasen Construction Services, issues the Building Committee a Status Report, noting accomplishments and materials ordered for future phases of the project.  These are reviewed by the Committee for accuracy and validity.  In addition, we have 2 people designated by the Committee as our “site managers:”  Pastor Lyle and Steve Barrett, our Facilities Director:  each of them communicate daily with Hasen as to progress and next steps.
Each month, Hasen issues its bill to the Building Committee and to The Wright Group for review and approval.  Per American Institute of Architects best practices, The Wright Group independently reviews the monthly billing for accuracy according to its inspection results.  Once reviewed, they issue an Architect’s Certification of Billing to us at Aldersgate signifying their review.  The Building Committee then reviews the billing amounts, holds a meeting with Hasen management to obtain clarifications on any amounts, and approves the monthly bill for payment.
These Inspection, Testing and Review processes are critical to ensuring that our new Educational Wing meets its mission for Aldersgate, its members, and the Northwest Carrollton community.
We hope that you have found this Update to be useful; if you have questions or comments, please email Clarence Elliott, Building Committee Chair at mailto:cweiii@verizon.net


Ground Breaking Celebration on Sunday, January 17th. We had only have one service that Sunday at 11:00, followed by our ground breaking ceremony and a luncheon. Our District Superintendent, Ron Henderson gave a powerful message entitled the church marches on.  View picture gallery of the groundbreaking ceremony here!

Update following November 17, 2015 Charge Conference:

  • Approved Texas Methodist funding plan
  • Approved construction bid for a 1-story building
Click here to view the current Education wing timeline

Click here to view the Education wing floorplan

Prior updates below
On September 8, an all church charge conference approved going ahead with plans for 1-story education buliding to meet church needs

On February 17, 2015, an all church charge conference authorized the Building Committee to develop and design a two-story education building.  

Please read the following update on the status of this program from the Chair of our Administrative Council:
Dear AUMC Family:

During our last Administrative Council meeting on August 11, 2015, I presented an update to the Education Building progress.  There was a great deal of discussion at the meeting on future options.  It is very important that our full Church family understand where we are and the next steps in this important project.  This letter is one element of the effort to fully communicate in advance of the final decisions by a Charge Conference in order for all of us to prayerfully consider our next steps.
Previous Guidance from previous Charge Conferences

  • Move forward with plans for two-story education wing
  • Move forward with Responsive Ed (charter school) to develop a lease for the building during the week when the building has limited use by the Church (funding is essential element of the overall finance picture)
  • Committed to a second capital campaign, if needed.
  • Work with Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) to verify financial feasibility
  • No final commitment to contract for construction until approval by a later Charge Conference with final plans, costs, and financing in place.  An approval by the District Building Committee is also needed in order to proceed.
Progress to Date
  • Final plans for two-story building completed (Many thanks to the building committee!!)
  • Plans placed out for bids
  • Lease negotiated with Responsive Ed but not executed.  Note this was dependent upon the approval of the State for an additional charter school at our location.
  • City permit review revealed no significant issues that would impact cost or feasibility on the site
Current Status
  • Low bid for the building was $2.4M.  This was slightly higher than the initial approval by TMF with the lease payments from Responsive Ed.
  • We were notified by Responsive Ed that their request to open a charter school had been denied by the TEA.  Other options could be pursued, but there is not a likely path within the next several months.
  • Without the lease payments, the complete two story structure is not financially feasible without a significant change in our finances.
  • Our specific use permit for the portables (in excess of 15% of our floor area) is about a year away from expiring.
  • There are options to reduce costs in the two-story structure (do not finish out the 2nd story, defer elevator, etc.).  This may provide options for the future, but the cost reductions may impact the utility for the Church in the period before the ultimate finish-out.
  • The bids we received will likely be valid into early September.  (Note:  I incorrectly stated at the meeting that it was not feasible to work with the current low-bid contractor to consider a one story version, see below)
Conclusions from Meeting
  • Move forward with a Charge Conference on September 8, 2015 to approve/disapprove going forward with as much of the 2-story version as we can.
  • Hold another Administrative Council meeting (with broad invite list – all meeting are open to the congregation, but push for more engagement) on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 to review our status and finalize the agenda for the Charge Conference.
  • In preparation for those meetings, answer some key questions:
    • What amount is TMF willing to finance without Responsive Ed?
    • Any more feedback from Responsive Ed?
    • Can we reduce costs on the project to achieve financial viability without sacrificing the ability to use the building effectively?
  • Send out a letter, email, and discuss during services the results of this meeting to allow for prayful consideration of our next steps.
Update Since the Last Ad Council Meeting
In preparing this letter, it was felt that a discussion with our architect was important.  He provided some feedback on a path forward that was very enlightening.
  • A review of the potential cost savings from deducts to the two-story design will not get us to a point where the project is financially viable without a significant debt burden to the Church. 
  • It appears viable to have a discussion with the low-bidder to see if a one-story option could be built within the limits of our financial capacity.  As stated above, this is a correction from comments I made during the meeting.
  • Further review of the plans showed that a rearrangement of the floorplan could yield the Church the space we need considering that some of the portables could be retained into the future. 
  • A meeting with the Building Committee, the Architect, and the contractor will be scheduled for next week to consider options. 
  • The agenda for the Charge Conference should include an option to proceed forward with a one-story alternative. 

A final set of thoughts as we proceed forward.  Our project has had some setbacks.  While this is true, I urge you to not be discouraged.  We will be able to move forward in short order with an expansion that is both affordable and meets the needs of AUMC as we proceed forward into the future.  I hope to see you at the upcoming meetings.  Please share your concerns, and prayerfully consider the next steps.
Best regards,
Jim Cline
Chair of Administrative Council

Click the icon below to view the presentation that was given to the charge conference.

Click here to see the current timeline for the entire capital campaign and construction project.

Click the icons below to see the inital design of the floor plan.