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Honey Dudes

About the ministry

  • An AUMC ministry that helps people who are unable to perform home care tasks, such as changing a light bulb, or maybe something larger, depending on the needs of the individual.  This ministry demonstrates love and care for our Christian brothers and sisters as well as reaching out into our community to help others in need.  This is Christianity in Action! 
  • Honey Dudes is a ministry of AUMC supporting widows, single moms, the sick, and military wives of deployed soldiers with help around the house such as repairs or chores. This group works solely from monetary donations and volunteer help. 
  • To learn more, contact Bart Mahnken at bart@mahnkeninsurance.com

Volunteer Information

  • Touch lives!  Positively impact your own as well!  Make friends!
  • tasks require no more than 1 to 1½ hours and are scheduled at YOUR convenience
  • Honey Dudes always travel in pairs – or even more! 
    (It not only protects you and the client, but it’s a whole lot more fun with another dude!)
  • costs you nothing financially – only your time
  • sure, you can bring your kid along to learn about Christianity in action!
  • when contacted, you can always pass on the opportunity to another Honey Dude
  • Click here for the form to sign-up and volunteer

Instructions on how to request Honey Dude services

Are you a widow, single mom, unwell, or the wife of a deployed military soldier?  Do you need help around your house with repairs or chores?  Contact AUMC Honey Dudes at:  honeydudes@aumchurch.org