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Spiritual Growth for Adults

Aldersgate has a variety of growth opportunities and ministries for adults: (scroll down for more information on any ot the following)

Adult Sunday School Classes

Aldersgate has a variety of Sunday School classes for adults.  You may wish to try several to find one that fits where you are in your spiritual journey.  Classes meet in various classrooms between worship services from 9:50 a.m. to 10:50 a.m.  Babysitting is provided in the church narthex.

Gateway Class:

The goal of Gateway is Bible study at a pace and level that is comfortable for all class members regardless of their previous church or Sunday school participation.  The class includes a mixture of new Christians as well as seasoned members, in a comfortable environment for contributing and sharing of ideas and knowledge.  Gateway is an informal group.  This class meets in Room 103.

Fellowship Class  
A discussion-oriented Sunday school class. The group consists primarily of couples in their 30's - 40's with children. Discussion comes from bible studies, sermon studies, or religious best sellers. Topics can include family & parenting, daily living, spiritual growth or current topics of the day. We are a relaxed group who enjoys discussing and listening to different perspectives on challenging topics, in a supportive environment. 
This class meets in Room 109.

Kaleidoscope Class:
The group is primarily comprised of older adults, ages 50+, who seek spiritual growth in a friendly caring and fellowship environment.  The class beings with praise and prayer requests we call "joys and concerns" followed by a lesson. We use various lesson formats including DVD-based studies, book studies, and general scripture lessons. This is a loving small group whose care and concern for one another extends beyond Sunday.
This class meets in Room 110.

Pathfinders Class:
We are a scripture based class that utilizes various biblical lesson books.  Out of class reading of each week’s lesson is encouraged.  Lesson leader can vary each week.  We typically studies New Testament gospels and letters using guide books by such authors as N.T. Wright.  Most recent studies include “Daddy is that Story True or Were You Just Preaching?” – James Moore, “Paul and the Corinthians” – Robert Wingard, “John – 26 Studies for Individuals and Groups” – N.T. Wright
Pathfinders are a true group of friends that will always welcome more.  The group is in various stages of our spiritual journey and we relish that diversity.  Each week, the real life application of the stories and lessons are discussed in an open, sincere and often humorous atmosphere.  All voices are welcomed and all ideas are heard.  The group consists of both couples and singles.  Ages from the 20’s to the 60’s so there is always a wealth of viewpoints, experience and questions.  
This class meets in Room 118.

Women Obtaining Wisdom: 
Our “Women Obtaining Wisdom” (WOW) class is a group of women who are seeking to understand the wisdom of the Bible.  We will be the first to tell you that we have not already mastered this wisdom!  The class officially starts at 10AM, but usually we begin to gather earlier just so we can share stories about our week and learn how each other are doing.  You see, we really care about one another as Christian sisters.  The class begins with “topics of business” where we talk about our WOW missions, plans, and we also consider proposals put before us.   (In my opinion, this class includes many of the “movers” and “shakers” at AUMC; it is generally recognized that if you really want to get something done, you ask WOW to do it.)  We then share our joys and concerns and pray for one another.  Finally, we turn our attention to the lesson for the day.  WOW has studied several books over the years, focusing on a single book of the Bible, a theme of the Bible, or a biblically related story.  We rotate the role of discussion leader among those who would like to lead the group through a Sunday’s lesson.  On occasion, one of us will share a concern and we always have the flexibility to listen to, discuss with, and pray for that class member and postpone our lesson discussion.  In our classroom, we pray, we laugh, we cry, we learn, and we love.  Because of this love, WOW has continued to grow over the years.  We always welcome new women to our class – we have enough love for everyone!  
This class meets in Room 111.

Small Groups

Small groups are offered for men, women, and couples each week.  These groups enjoy Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and accountability.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study meets each Tuesday morning from 10:30 to noon.
Contact Pastor Rodney for more information.

Men's Wednesday Morning Bible Study - Meets Wednesday mornings at 6:00 a.m. in the Room 110.  Contact Jeff Baker for more information.

Women's Thursday Evening Bible Study meets each Thursday night in the Narthex.  Contact Cindy Branson.

Men's Thursday Evening Bible Study meets every Thursday at 7:00pm in Room 110.  Contact Bart Mahnken for more information.

United Methodist Women (UMW)
This group meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00am for fellowship, mission work, and study.  The women have taken field trips, gone on retreats, sponsored Bible studies, done mission work and supported church programs.  Contact Blanche Farnam for more information.


Spiritual Formation Opportunities

Walk to Emmaus: A journey with Christ

The Gospel of St. Luke relates the story of the risen Christ appearing to two who were going along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Two friends were walking together sharing their hearts' deepest concerns. The risen Christ joined them and explained the scriptures as they walked, and how it was ordained that Christ should suffer and so enter his glory. This experience on the road was a heart-warming experience as the risen Christ walked and talked with them. The illuminating climax of the experience was when Christ took bread and said the blessing, then broke it and gave it to them, The two had their eyes opened and they recognized him as the risen Christ and they rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the others. (Luke 24:13-35)

The above story provides the image for the Walk to Emmaus, a 72-hour retreat that calls forth and renews Christian discipleship. Like its predecessor, Cursillo de Christiandad (Spanish for "short course in Christianity"), the Walk to Emmaus is a three-day experience, which takes a New Testament look at Christianity as a lifestyle. It is a highly structured weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christian people, and through them their families, congregations and the world in which they live. Emmaus is a combined effort of laity and clergy toward the renewal of the church.

Emmaus is for the development of Christian leaders who wish to strengthen their spiritual lives; may have unanswered questions about prayer, study, and sharing their faith; understand that being a Christian involves responsibility; are willing to dedicate their everyday lives to God in an ongoing manner; have positions of responsibility in the church and the world. Emmaus is open to members of any denomination.

If you would like information about being sponsored for an Emmaus weekend, please ask Pastor Rodney to connect you with any member of Aldersgate who has been on the Walk to Emmaus.